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Herlock Sholmes is a 2d co-op, puzzle game created in Unity spring quarter of 2018 for VGDC. The project was first and foremost a learning experience for the team. Some of the team members were new to game development and have made it a long way since starting! I also learned a lot leading my own team for the first time!

How to Play:

Players complete levels by both standing on the yellow squares at the same time

There are two types of pressure plates, sticky (green) and timed (blue). If a player walks over a pressure plate, a door somewhere on the map will open. Sometimes multiple pressure plates must be activated at the same time to open a door.

Boxes can be pushed by the player. These boxes can activate pressure plates also.


Player 1 - WASD

Player 2 - Arrow keys

Esc to access pause menu

Team Members:

  • Aaron Buckles (team lead/programmer)
  • Kierstin Roque (programmer)
  • James Tran (programmer)
  • Camden Kuwahara (programmer)
  • Brian Jiang (programmer)


Install instructions

Download HerlockSholmes.zip and extract. Inside of the extracted folder is HerlockSholmes.exe. Double click HerlockSholmes.exe to play!


HerlockSholmes.zip 16 MB

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